A boy from a haunted forest. A gift of sight and a curse of death. A relentless evil, hungry for the boy’s torment.

One must perish if the other is to survive.

They call him the boy from the haunted forest.

Tormented by the brutal death of his birth parents and burdened with a terrifying curse, Masahiko spent two years of his childhood in the dark woods of Aokigahara – the infamous suicide forest. His unique power – the ability to see yōkai, supernatural entities – kept him alive, but a trail of pain and destruction stalks his footsteps. Plunged headlong into a deadly mystery that leads him back to the mysterious haunted woods of his youth, Masahiko begins to unearth horrifying secrets. Everyone Masahiko has ever loved ended up hurt or dead – and if he can’t discover a way to end it once and for all, he’ll soon join them…

Step into a thrilling paranormal fiction novel that expertly weaves together authentic Japanese mythology with high-octane suspense and a dash of horror. His Haunted Footsteps is a page-turning read perfect for fans of supernatural powers, eerie spirits, and Japanese folklore.

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There are monsters in this world. Ones that cause trouble, ones that will not show themselves, ones that tell lies, and ones that stalk your nightmares.

Mine has come to meet me in person.

I’d lived a simple, carefree life, on the threshold of entering college. That is until one of the monsters found me. And kidnapped me. Taking me away from my home and throwing me into a place of darkness and screams. Of pain and torture. I was on the cusp of giving up all hope when my chance for escape arrived. A tug in my chest guiding me to a secluded, decked-out home on a mountain in Colorado. There are strange men here, kind, but I think they have secrets they’re not telling me. 

My Monster is searching for me. Addicted to my screams like a smoker to cigarettes. Strange things are happening to me. Things that never happened until I was injected by their needles. What is happening? Am I becoming a monster? The guys say that I’m safe, but I’m not blind. I will not allow myself to remain In The Dark. 

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