✍️ Where I first started writing In The Dark ✍️

I first started writing In The Dark (at the time I had NO clue how in-depth this writing gig was going to get, but look at me now!) at a local coffee shop that had just opened up called Bold Cup. 

I don’t believe in coincidences. I firmly believe there is a reason for everything. The name of that coffee shop, Bold Cup, truly resonated with the move I was making–being bold in making a change in my life and the desperation for coffee in my system for me to do it (LOL). 

One of the baristas there ended up opening her own coffee shop, River Road Coffee and Popsicles, closer to my home base, and I ended up migrating over to her coffee shop to write and become a regular (well-known for my iced vanilla oat lattes 😉). 

Through this journey of writing, I’ve been to quite a few different coffee shops all over Florida (west coast to east coast) and enjoyed countless different vibes and aesthetics that have all helped motivate me to write my book and continue my story. It’s been an interesting journey and it’s not quite done yet, but I’m thankful for all those family-owned and independent coffee shops that deal with me sitting in a corner smiling and frowning to myself like an absolute weirdo as I write (BE the emotion you’re writing, I tell you!) and me getting up every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom because the coffee is reallllly doing its job (TMI, sorry LOL). 

And on that note–

Support your local coffee shops and businesses! 📣

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