Not going to lie, I suck at naming things. Funny thing, that I’m going to officially be an author with the publishing of In The Dark coming up (Is this really happening?! Okay, don’t freak out.) and I struggle with words (thesauruses are the best!). 

So, to be honest, as I was writing In The Dark, there was a moment while writing a piece of Kalea’s dialogue where I was feeling this striving empowerment from her as a character. A character that had suffered so much trauma, so much darkness, away from those she held dear, fighting it all seemingly alone in a one-man (or one-woman, in this case) battle against the world, against evil while they tortured and maimed her physically and emotionally. 

This girl, this woman, Kalea, decided that she was tired of being pushed down and smothered by her pain, by her traumatizers, by the ignorance that would not be bliss if she decided to remain indifferent and hide away from the rallying of evil uniting behind the scenes. They would come for her and it would be up to her to be either prepared or defenseless when that time came. 

And so, I had a sort of epiphany moment while writing, where the words, “in the dark” came to me (Thank you God! He knows how I struggle lol) and I knew it was meant to be the title for my book. Honestly, I’m pretty thankful that I didn’t have to sulk for weeks, rummaging through my brain for a title for this book, the start to my very first series. Usually, I have difficulty making decisions with anything. Do y’all realize how hard it is deciding between the pastel blue flower pot and the pastel pink flower pot? What about deciding between sushi or red curry at a restaurant? Splits me in two it does. Anyways—I’m too good at getting side-tracked *sighs*—that is how I came up with the title for In The Dark! I hope you give it a read and a review, and as always, thank you for the support! <3

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