After graduating college (B.A. in English (Creative Writing, of course) and a Minor in Nutrition), I was so LOST.

I thought a job would just fall in my lap after I graduated college. And one did, but not one that pays the bills and lights that fire of passion inside me. While all of my friends went off doing big kid things, I ended up getting a job as a server (and I LOVED my job and my environment), but something was MISSING. 🧐

I discovered a new coffee shop that had opened up nearby. I had only recently become a coffee lover (8 AM college classes do that for you) so walking in there was like tiptoeing on eggshells only with the scent of freshly ground coffee instead of eggs (1000% better in my opinion, but no judgment here). I had no idea what to order! What’s the difference between a latte and a mocha? A cappuccino? Coffee and espresso?

Thank the Lord for baristas–home girl helped me out and that’s how my addiction to lattes began (NO JUDGMENT HERE).

I sat down in a wooden chair, rather uncomfy for my bum if I do say so myself, and set my notebook down and started writing down the stories swirling around in my head waiting to spill out. Thankfully, I learned that a laptop was more efficient for me to get out the words, I was a much faster typer than I was a penman. My writing professors would be so offended if they ever found out (that’s why they’ll never see this post πŸ˜‰). 

From that point on, I would travel over to that coffee shop and write my little heart out for hours. And do it over again on my next day off. When I went out of town to visit friends and had to wait for them to get off work, I’d try out a local coffee shop and write. I was utterly lost in my writing and I LOVED it. 

I’m just thankful there are people out there that are interested in reading my stories. That girl 3 years ago, the one slurping on her iced vanilla soy latte, had no clue what this journey had in store for.

And the woman writing this? She’s sipping on a HOT soy vanilla latte working hard to get this book published and out to the world. πŸ’

2 Replies to “Why I Started Writing My Series “In The Dark””

  1. I just finished reading your book’ In The Dark. It was exceptionally well written and very difficult to put down. I left you a review on Amazon and it had 5 stars. I really hope your next book comes out soon because I really want to read it.

    My name is Lisa Boyce – email: lboyce213@roadrunner.com

    None of the lines below say what you want in them.

    1. Wow, thank you so much, Lisa!

      I appreciate the support and thanks for the five stars. How awesome to hear!

      The next book will be (hopefully) coming out next year. I’m currently in the process of writing book #2. If you follow me on social media (IG/Goodreads, etc), I post updates on there for upcoming content.

      Thank you again for leaving a review!

      Much love,

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